Meet Georgia!

Hello lovely, thank you so much for stopping by!

My name is Georgia, I'm a self taught illustrator & animator, and also work through my Instagram, YouTube and blog harvestlavie.com

Creating has always been a huge passion of mine; whether it's with a camera or my iPad stylus, nothing makes me happier than bringing inspiration to viewers, and now helping you to do the same!

You can find me at these outlets:


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Ultimate Animation: Why Charge By The Second?

That option is charged by the second due to the detailed work involved in each scene, plus the complete animation within them. Each scene usually equals one second of animation time, however that one second of animation can take up to 4-6 hours to create (and that's if it's a simple animation!)

What Happens After I Purchase A Service?

Georgia will contact you directly via email to discuss further your desired requests. This will include a requested image from you to reference what it is you would like illustrated/animated. Any additional preferences will also be discussed e.g. backgrounds colours, font types (if specified), music choice for animations (if specified), actions requested for animations etc.

How Long Does Each Service Take For Completion?

This depends on a few things: a) Your deadline (if any) b) Your chosen service c) The number of requests to be fulfilled prior to yours. Georgia will confirm with you an approx. date that you will receive your illustration/animation, however please feel free to fill out the Enquiry Form to ask for a specific time if you would like that finalised before payment.

Are These Watermarked?

No, all illustrations and animations are not watermarked. However, as reconcilliation Georgia simply requests for her website link to be included in your YouTube video description on each upload that includes her work. This is required for EACH SERVICE except Illustrated profile picture and illustrated banner.